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New things

January 10, 2012

Well, newish. Mostly my life continues unabated, as it has for the past 2 years. The main development is that I am one semester through the PhD program, and not yet completely destroyed. This fall/winter is the fall of presentations–I presented at two conferences over two consecutive weekends in November (in Worcester, MA and Chicago) and will present at the annual AAG in NYC this February. I have been pleased at the responses to my presentations, but am growing weary of talking about the same research repeatedly. I’m ready to move on to new research! I’ve been dwelling lately on the city’s Food Council as one possible research subject, particularly because at every meeting there is at least 5 minutes of juicy discussion about race and class (and the need for greater “diversity” among the food council members). I’m also contemplating a food mapping project, simply because I will be taking an advanced GIS research project, and it might be fruitful as a chapter of my dissertation.

Other new things include our cat, Tusky (a reference to Wondermark), who arrived in August, and a new blog project collaboration, which hopefully will be online soon. Oh, and there will be a grand celebration in July.

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