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July 21, 2011

It’s July. My oft-proclaimed central California heat fortitude has vanished with the onset of the current heat wave. The “heat dome” suffocating the midwest has rendered me incapable of moving faster than a sloth. Although I biked 4.5 miles today for a special event (the promise of a cold shower/cold beer later is sufficient motivation) for the majority of the days I lay prone and nearly immobile in front of a fan. Maybe it’s chemistry? Nearly everything (butter, lip balm, ice, plastic) melts in this heat; why should my body be any different?

Proclivity to sloth aside, I consider the heat a positive development. A primary benefit is that my garden has transformed into a tangled jungle in the span of 2 weeks, offering promise of a bountiful harvest. The other benefit is that it is not 15 degrees F or snowing! I can go outside wearing fewer than 2 layers! I gripe, but I still welcome this over winter weather.




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